The first italian vegan super food gluten free, low carbs coming to America

OnlyMoso Harvest

OnlyMoso Harvest is part of the ONLYMOSO GROUP based in USA; our main objective is to collect all Harvested Bamboo shoots and Bamboo Canes from our Farmers/Partners growing large bamboo fields throughout NORTH AMERICA.

Headquarters in Europe


Our Mother company ONLYMOSO USA CORP started operations in October 2015 and so far we have many Farmers that joined and have our same Vision, at the moment in the US we are not ready yet for harvesting so we use our EUROPEAN bamboo fields to produce BAMBOO SHOOTS under OLIVE OIL JARS.

Within 2 to 3 years we will have our US HOME GROWN BAMBOO SHOOTS which will enable us to start our own US based domestic production and then we will stop importing from EUROPE; meanwhile we are warming up the North American market with our own Italian harvested production.

Our goal is to promote bamboo for many commercial and industrial applications, such as food, drinks, paper, biomass, charcoal, construction, flooring, textile, medicine, cosmetics and many more.

All of our OnlyMoso commercial bamboo Research & Development are done to benefit our US farmer partner alliance, we assist them in establishing legacy sustainable bamboo farms to produce the best crops for food and 1500+ various products and applications.

Right now what you see here are our first steps establishing the gourmet bamboo shoots for food since shoots are the first crops harvested, in the near future we will be expanding to multitude of markets that will benefit from our Culms/Canes.