Frequently Asked Questions

What are bamboo shoots?

A bamboo shoot is a rhizome that juts out vertically from the ground. It can be considered the “fruit” of the bamboo tree, because it will mature into bamboo canes if the shoots are not harvested. The shoot is a vegetable and can weigh on average more than 1kg. In Italy, the most common type of bamboo grown is the “Phyllostachys pubescens edulis" (Moso Bambù or Giant Bamboo) that grows well in temperate climate. In the United States, Moso Giant Bamboo and a variation of Tropical Giant Bamboo is grown and harvested.

Where did bamboo shoots originate?

The bamboo shoot has always been a staple in Asia for hundreds of years. More recently, bamboo shoots have also become an Italian product. The sprouts of the bamboo are collected in jars, using both Italian tradition and innovation. Many of the products consumed in Europe today were introduced by Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo after returning from their journey to the Americas and West Indies.

Can bamboo be an invasive plant?

The bamboo shoot can be considered a “colonizing” plant that is used for commercial, industrial, and production purposes. Invasion can be resolved if the bamboo rhizome grows within a perimeter ditch, allowing it to thrive on the land borders.

What time of year is best for harvesting bamboo shoots?

Our giant bamboo shoots are best harvested during the springtime, between March to mid-June. Other bamboo variations can be harvested throughout the year.

Which bamboo shoots are incorporated in food?

There are three bamboo species that are best for food:

  • Moso bamboo

  • Fargesia bamboo: Resistant to the cold

  • Tropical bamboo: Grows in greenhouses in Europe, but in the fields in Florida

OnlyMoso has identified and researched that alternating the cultivation of each species guarantees year-round growth.

What are the characteristics of these shoots?

The Moso bamboo shoot is the most readily available type with success in agri-food markets. The Fargesia resembles an asparagus, while the Tropical shoot is large and tastes much sweeter than the previous two.

Where does Giant Bamboo cultivate best?

Giant Bamboo can thrive in many different types of soil, dependent on the tropical or sub-tropical variants. An irrigation system is helpful when young mother plants require substantial water to grow.

How are bamboo shoots prepared for food after harvesting?

After the shoots are cleansed and rid of its protective sheaths, they are boiled, cut, and packed accordingly. Bamboos shoots are versatile and can be used in nearly any type of food.

Are there any nutritional benefits?

Bamboo shoots are hypocaloric and are high in flavonoids that play a key role against aging. According to the University of Bari’s pharmacy researchers, bamboo shoots are one of the five healthiest foods in the world, when analyzing nutrition alone.

Can bamboo shoots be used in vegetarian and/or vegan diets?

Bamboo shoots are ideal for individuals who are vegetarian or vegan. Each bamboo farm is eco-friendly and equipped with air purifiers from carbon dioxide in order to promote the flow of oxygen for optimal growth.

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